Machine Shop & Fabrication 
All New Parts Are Guaranteed

We at Paradyne Coating and Machine Co, manufacturers and retrofit new parts
  • Food & Meat Plants 
  • Tool & Die Makers 
  • Plastics & Chemicals 
  • Gear Manufacturing to Specs. 
  • Steel Mills & Wire Mills 
  • Pulp & Paper Machine Parts 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Waste Water / Power Plants 
We have extensive expertise and state-of-of the art equipment processes to acheive same exact duplicate as O.E.M parts from print-to finish machine parts we use virgin materials to start the process and the highest quality machine and materials to complete customers oder on time and on budget 
Carbon, Steel, and bronze gear cutting machines to Mfg worms and spurs, herringbone, and helical gears up to 60" O.D. 
We at Paradyne Will fabricate a part from part/print or just by the specs customers provide us, we have been making new parts such as: 
(impellers, shafts, bearings, for pump housings) Extruder screws single/twin conical for the plastic and polymer plants we currently use comoloy 55 harden material, we also fabricate rolls and wire capstans for steel mill rolling /wire drawing. We make die steels such as  draw rings, draw punches, shear /blanking dies and section parts we use A2at Paradyne make custom exotixc alloys that are made from are own materials..D2.S7, M2, CPM-10V, and Carbide Tungsten,