Paradyne Coatings & Machine are very proud to take this opportunity to present A unique innovative tool technology that has been on the market since 1998 and it’s proven and known to the industries of
manufacturing products in north America and Canada. We are offering our products to you and
your company that will benefit your existing tooling for Carbide ball end mills, step drills, standard
flute end mills, milling cutters, hobs, and broaches used in aviation, automotive, forging and heavy duty
machining industries.
Our NICO/PCM process “Electro Metal Deposition Treatment” will increase longer tooling life
anywhere between (3) – (8) X’S longer versus nitrating, cryogenics, TD, and carbide coating
outlasting those coatings 10-12 times better due to the fact that this process where using is
NOT a thin film coating that stays on the surface and can have the chance to flank, peel, or
even chip-off while running in production and that is not good, so are process is deeply
impregnated into the tool steel’s compositions making the tool working teeth more durable
and tougher so you can achieve a much better and smoother cut to your product and
maintain sharper tooling for a much longer period of time. EMT process is done under
controlled temperatures so we can maintain the hardness and most important tooling
tolerances and sizes.
Molybdenum, Cobalt, and exotic tool steel elements are combined into a binder that applies
to the cutting tools and penetrates the particles unto the steel’s composition creating a
molecular bond layer into the steel’s hardness creating a uniform barrier and protects the
tools from chipping, and dulling. 3-8 TIMES LONGER TOOL LIFE
Throughout all of our tool coating technologies processes we maintain the highest quality standards to
ensure customer satisfaction. To ensure timely deliveries, we employ the latest computer technology to
schedule and track each job through completion.
We are in the business of improving tool life on the highest quality broaches for a wide variety of
industries including automotive, aircraft, government, lawn and garden equipment, and hand tool. We
also provide on-site support, broach management packages, and in-house engineering services.
Our CNC technology provides the speed and accuracy necessary to meet the most stringent customer
requirements. Our state-of-the-art equipment, which includes a Walters CNC Sharpener-B/O machine,
Blohm Planomat Grinder, American CNC Sharpener, and Parker Majestic CNC Grinders, put us at the forefront of the latest broaching technology.
 CAD Design
 Sharpening
 CNC Sharpening
 CNC Grinding
 Repair and Reconditioning
 Broach Management Programs
 Prototype Broaching
 Turning & Milling
 Production Broaching
 Surface Grinding
 Hob Sharpening
Our goal is to re-grind, enhanced longer tool life with P.C.M Coating and recondition your broaches to
your complete satisfaction. We provide technical support to help improve the life of your tools and
avoid unnecessary downtime in your shop. We can also accommodate blanket orders, split deliveries
and stocking commitments.
Labor cost for materials $275.00 per coat for treatment